We provide pet sitting and dog walking for a varied numbers of reasons and we are a great alternative to catteries and kennels. Perhaps your going away for a weekend, or off on holiday, you're away on business, need a stay in hospital, or you're recovering from illness and need help with your pets. Whatever the reason, we are happy to help.

Cat Sitting

During a visit we will ensure that your cats have fresh food and water, we'll clear up any mess from their eating areas, their litter trays or we will completely clean it out and add fresh litter, we will also clean their feeding areas and bowls. We know that cats love fuss, so we can brush them and give them some basic grooming whilst we are visiting them. Like us humans some cats need extra attention and the administering any oral medications and injections, but don't worry it's all part of the service. Not every cat has a cat-flap, so if your cat needs two visits a day, to be let out and in, then that's not a problem.

Dog Sitting

Dogs miss their owners incredibly, even for just a few hours. Dogs do bark, and sometimes this upsets the neighbours. We can visit your dogs at home to give them attention and fuss. This can help a dog relax and keep calm and gives you piece of mind knowing that your dog is well behaved. We'll alsoc make sure they are fed and have fresh water, clean up any mess and keep them entertained.

Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits are carried out in your homeWe can offer multiple visits during your working day. We will engage your puppy in play, help with their basic training and work with you to introduce them to the big outside world! Once the puppy is old enough they can then join our group dog walks.

Dog Walking

We offer dog walking for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. We take your dogs to a park or place of interest for walks, or somewhere new and exciting to explore. Your pet is walked off lead in a group session, so they must be good with other dogs, and can be walked off lead. Your pet will be transported to and from your home to the location of the walk where we will play their favourite game with them whilst out on their walk, including fetch the stick or ball.

All of the above have some added extras included as part of the service:

  • Free text or e-mail updates
  • We can water house plants if you're away for a while
  • We'lll open and close curtains and blinds to make it look like someone is home
  • We can turn lights on or off for the same reason
  • We'll take out the rubbish or recycling on collection day
  • We'll turn the radio or TV on for your pets to enjoy

Pet Relocation

Moving house can be a stressful occassion for everyone involved, especially so for pets, we can take the burden of worrying about your pets away from the event, we provide a pet relocation service across the UK. If you're moving home, then Cardiff Pet Sitting can transport your pet to any destination throughout the UK.

Small pets, reptiles & Fish

If you have a rabbit, guinea pig, chameleon or even tropical/marine fish. We can take care of them if you're away. We have experience of looking after exotic pets like chameleons, gheko's and lizards.


We would all love our pet(s), to be there on our special day. We can provide a service to ensure they are. As long as the venue allows, we can transport your pet(s) to and from the venue, ensure they are with a qualified handler at all times, take them for food and toilet breaks, and return them home safely at the end of the day. Please e-mail us for a quote..

Overnight Stays

We have some very lovely people who work for us to provide overnight stays whilst you are away. They all are fully DBS checked and insured. They will provide a piece of mind for security for you from 7pm - 7am, and will be there to provide company and care for your pets. They will feed, and ensure fresh drinking water, play with your pets or provide lots of cuddles. Rates start at £35 per night.

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