Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You let us know when you are going away. We'll arrange a convenient time to pop over and meet you and your pet(s), we'll hand over a pet registration form, a key release form, and a veterinary medical release form. You can ask us any questions you may have, and show us where all of your pets things are kept. It's chance to tell us about their routine and the things that they like. We'll also collect a key for your home at this time. You can relax in the knowledge we'll take great care of them whilst you're away.

When will you collect my keys? will they be safe? and do you keep them or return them?

We can collect your keys when we first meet you to fill out the pet registration forms. Your keys will be kept safely at all times. We operate a keysafe programme where we can keep them on file for future visits, or you can request for them to posted back once we have completed the visits. If we have to collect keys after the first visit, there will be a charge, and subsequently for each collection thereafter.

Do you label my keys?

We will never label your keys with your address. All keys are labelled only with your pets name.

How long do visits last?

We will aim to spend 20 minutes on each visit. If your pet has gone out and show no sign of coming home whilst we are at your home, we can leave earlier. Of course we will always spend the full time with your pet if they are in.

Will you park your car outside my house?

We will never park any branded vehicles outside your home, we always remain discreet when entering and leaving your property.

How do I pay you?

We kindly ask that payment is made in cash, and left in a secure place on the morning of the first visit. Alternatively you can transfer the money via an online transaction. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques. If payment is not left on the first visit, a further £9 collection charge will be added to re-visit for payment collection.

I have more than one pet. Does it cost more?

We do not charge per pet for pet sitting. The cost is per time we are visiting. Please ensure that the time you have booked is plenty enough to care for your pets. There is an additional charge of £2 per extra dog for dog walking. Extra charges are applicable for dog walking on-top of pet sitting visits.

What if I need to cancel?

We would kindly request all cancellations are at notified as soon as possible with at least 72 hours notice. Notice below 48 hours will require a charge equivalent to payment for the first days visit.

How much notice do you need to come and look after my pet(s)?

We're ready to help at anytime. So long as we have your key on file and your pets are registered with us, we will try and accomodate last minute requests as much as our bookings diary allows.

Do you charge any extra for petrol if I live far from your base?

There is a small surcharge for fuel if you live in certain areas. This is to cover the extra expense of fuel to and from. To keep costs minimal, we do not charge for the time to drive to and from these areas.

What do you do when you are at my property visiting my pets?

We love pets. So when we are at your property, we'll make sure your loved ones have fresh food and drinking water, we'll make sure any mess they have made is cleared up including food, litter areas and litter trays. We'll actively engage your pet whilst we are there, if they want to play we'll make sure they are having fun with the pet toys we bring along. If they just want to have lots of fuss and cuddles, then we'll make sure that's exactly what they get. Some pets even like the company of having a TV or radio on, so if they need that, it's all part of the great service we offer.

What hours and days do you work?

We work 8am -8pm, 7 days a week. Dog walking does not take place any later than 6pm.

Where will you walk my dog?

We will walk your dog at the nearest, safe location. We may sometimes transport your pet to a place where we are familiar with.

Will you follow my dogs current training routine?

Yes, we will adhere to all of your current training routines and follow them during visits and/or walks.

What if pet becomes ill whilst I am away?

We will have the details of your pets veterinarian on file. In the unlikely event your pet needs immediate veterinary care, we will contact your nominated vet, or the nearest available vet and take your pet there immediately. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity to notify you of the details.

My pet is not insured, will you still look after my pet?

We love all pets to have suitable insurance. However if your pet is uninsured, then we kindly request you have the immediate funds to pay for veterinary care should your pet become unwell. We request all customers to fill out a veterinary care release form prior to Cardiff Pet Sitting undertaking any form of care for your pet.

Can my pets stay with you whilst I am away?

Unfortunately, we don't offer home boarding. We visit pets in the comfort and security of their own home.

Are you insured, and do you have a Crimimal Records Check?

Yes we are fully insured upto £5 million, and we are DBS (formerly CRB) checked.

I own Chickens, would you visit them whilst I am away?

Yes, we have plenty of experience looking after chickens. We can clean the coup, change bedding, collect eggs, fill up food and water containers, feed them corn or mealworms etc.

I am getting married and would love my pet to be at the wedding. Would you be able to bring my pet along on my special day?

Of course, we would love to be able to help make your pet part of your special day. It can be tailor-made to your day, please contact us for further details - subject to availability.

Who will be visiting my property?

Visits are undertaken by Stu who is the owner of Cardiff Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, or one of our fabulous pet sitters.

What time will you visit my pet?

Morning visits can be between 7am and 11am. Evening visits are between 4pm and 8pm. If you have a specific request for a time, we will do our best to accomodate it. Visits are planned in advance on the route of the journey so we can keep prices to a minimum.

Do you offer overnight stays in my home?

Yes we do offer overnight stays in your home. We have some very lovely people who work for us to provide overnight stays whilst you are away. They all are fully DBS checked and insured. They will provide a piece of mind for security for you from 7pm - 7am, and will be there to provide company and care for your pets. They will feed and ensure they have fresh drinking water, play with your pets and provide lots of cuddles. Rates start at £35 per night. Subject to availability.

Stuart is a fully insured pet care professional providing dog walking and pet sitting services to all of Cardiff's dogs, cats and small pets.

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